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Supported Living / Agency Companion

Supported Living

This service is available only to persons classified by DHS/DDSD as Class Members, who were residents of a state institution during a specified period of time surrounding lengthy litigation and subsequent court rulings during the 1980's. Additionally, each person receiving Supported Living Services is assigned a court appointed advocate through the Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) to assist with any difficulties the person may encounter from day to day.

Supported Living Services are typically authorized in conjunction with other services, i.e. DLS, HTS, and Vocational Services. Staff manages the finances to meet expenditures such as monthly rent and utility bills. KI BOIS Community Action provides supports and trains each individual to live and work safely and as independently as possible in their own community.

Whether mowing the lawn, shopping for groceries, or visiting with family and friends, each person served is afforded the opportunity to live a well-rounded, happy life.

Agency Companion

Agency Companion is a service KI BOIS Community Action offers to individuals with developmental disabilities. This service involves a share-living arrangement, authorized by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services/Developmental Disabilities Service Division, in which the caregiver and the service recipient share the same home and experience a family-style living environment.

Agency Companion homes receive twenty-four hour support and offer private bedroom and bathroom facilities, while living room, kitchen and other common areas of the homes are comfortably shared by both parties. The caregiver teaches important life skills to encourage personal growth, safety and independence in home and community based settings.

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